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Four years ago we were one of the first to produce stabilized drone videos of the Lavaux region and western part of Switzerland with a Phantom2 and a GoPro 3. Technology has evolved rapidly since then and we have always been right there at the cutting edge, experimenting with quadcopters as well as fixed wings, for both filming and scientific data acquisition, capturing the world as you had never seen before


We provide photography and video services using drones, plus photos from helicopters. Including wide panoramas and 360° photosphere

Ground based services include  nature photography and 360° virtual tours for both indoors and outdoors, in combination with drone images

Aerial inspection of inaccessible areas such as roof, solar panels, facades,… Photos, videos and per request 3D models + orthoplane creation

We also provide university trained consultant advisory for high accuracy drone photogrammetry acquisition procedure and data processing using Pix4D software

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Aerial drone filming services

What better way to promote your region than to use drone?
At a fraction of the cost of hiring a full size helicopter and with no environmental impact and extremely low-level flying, we have got you covered for your next promotional video

Aerial photography, panoramas and 360°

Looking for a different perspective?
We provided high quality aerial still images, panoramas and full 360° photosphere using drones and helicopters

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Drone photogrammetry specialist

Drone photogrammetry combines high data quality and rapid acquisition time for a fraction of the cost of full size airplanes/helicopter missions

However acquiring and processing scientific level of accuracy requires mastering specific procedures and acquisition planning.
We are here to help you getting the best and most accurate results possible with our extensive knowledge of the SenseFly eBee systems, and DJI Phantom 2, 3, 4, 4Pro, Inspire1 and Inspire2 quads
Plus the Pix4D mapper software for processing

How to get accurate data

Snout of the Haut Glacier d’Arolla, Switzerland
by sr-prod
on Sketchfab

Commune and city 3D mapping, and very high resolution orthorectified imagery production
More about orthomosaics

Aerial inspection of inaccessible areas such as roof, solar panels, facades, bridge pillars… Photos, videos and per request 3D models + orthoplane creation

Roof and solar panels orthoplane

Ground photography, panoramas and 360° virtual tours

Looking for high quality virtual tour of your shop, real estate, or a tour to promote your region?

With more than twenty years of photography background, we are here for you to provide a combination of still photos, panoramas and virtual tours as a marketing tool for you

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